About Us

The word Invoga means to stand out and we were born to bring you the fine accessories that do the job. Our pieces pieces allow you to express yourself in your authentic way. We joined our passion for accessories, the desire to encourage more and more unweighted and unique women to be who they are without fear and created Invoga. May our affection reach you through our pieces. ​



Our products are made with 18k Gold and Rhodium plated which guarantees the delivery of high quality items. All items are guaranteed for 1 year after the date of purchase* (Our warranty does not cover misuse of parts). For your parts to last much longer, see our CARE page, created for you to enjoy them for a long time.


We are located in Japan, but you can purchase our parts from anywhere in the world! Calculate your shipping at cart checkout and once payment is confirmed, we will ship your parts. Shipments will be made within 3 days after confirmation of payment.