Caring for your parts:

When purchasing one of our products, you will receive a product of excellent quality, but it is necessary to take some care to preserve the beauty and useful life of your piece for longer:

Hair dye, perfumes, creams and makeup can all be harmful to your jewelry and semi-jewels.
It is not the case here to stop wearing them, but rather to avoid putting on necklaces and earrings before applying cosmetics or applying your favorite perfume.
Make your production, wait a few minutes and only then add your jewelry and semi-jewels, in order to prevent the products used from reacting with the pieces.

We all produce a substance known as uric acid. This chemical compound is expelled by sweat in greater or lesser amounts depending on the person.
At higher rates, it speeds up the oxidation process of the silver and gold present in the pieces and, as a result, they darken.
Therefore, it is not recommended to practice sports wearing jewelry and semi-jewels.

You might even like the sun and the beach, but your jewelry and semi-jewels won't be so happy. They will likely wear out from the action of sea water or pool chlorine.
Also, it is not advisable to take a shower using the garments. Therefore, store your parts before coming into contact with water.

Cleaning products are usually abrasive and can deteriorate parts. So, it's best to give your jewelry and semi-jewels a break when cleaning up.

Friction with dishes, sand or other surface can wear the bath, damaging the piece. Therefore, it is recommended not to use the parts in housework or on the beach.

Also, you should be extra careful not to let your jewelry and semi-jewels fall to the ground. Parts with crystals or natural stones can break if dropped and, if that happens, it may not be repaired.

Don't forget, also, that you need to store the parts carefully to keep them longer. The ideal is to use velvet bags to store the jewelry and semi-jewels individually, preventing them from scratching each other. Putting them in separate boxes can also do the trick.

It is important to emphasize that the term "misuse" of the pieces is totally related to the non-compliance with the conservation and care tips for jewelry and semi-jewels. After all, when these guidelines are not respected, the useful life of the parts ends up being very short.

Also, remember that our warranty policy does not cover damage caused by misuse.
Therefore, it is important to follow the parts conservation guidelines in order to avoid future frustrations.